How Do I Become an SEO Expert

How Do I Become an SEO Expert

Every SEO Expert has their own story. Since SEO isn’t really a profession you typically go to a traditional university for, you’ll find that SEO experts all approach the practice in their own way. SEO takes strategy and time to plan out. There are more than 200 different ranking factors that create a plethora of variables to work with. On the other hand, there are 3 primary ranking factors that are most important to pay attention to. These include:

Top 3 Ranking Factors for Google:

  1. Backlinks
  2. Content
  3. Rank Brain

Most of an SEO Expert’s time will be focused on catering to those three signals to ensure success. The only challenge that one faces, however, is that each component require’s it’s own strategy.

How Do I get Backlinks and What Are They?

In order to cater to the first of three components, one must engage in a practice called Link Building. This is referred to as an art and a science. Many also refer to Link Building as “Offsite SEO.” Link Building is finding ways to get other websites to link to yours. Some links are easier to acquire than others. For instance, you may acquire a few links from directory submissions. Unfortunately, these links do not carry as much weight with Google anymore so they won’t get you very far. That’s when things get tougher.


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